Our Favorite Things: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Edition


Our Favorite Things: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Edition


This week in the Bullett office, we’re busy brainstorming fancy ways to cool off (or heat up, as the case may be) while ceaselessly wondering about the no-longer joint fate of Tom, Katie, and Suri Cruise.

Obsessed songs:

Lana Del Rey- “National Anthem” – Sah D’Simone

This haunting cover of M83’s “Midnight City” by Saint Saviour. It matches up to the original. – Ben Barna

Liars – “The Exact Color of Doubt”Juliet Le Grand Thompson

The auto-tuned Bed Intruder iTunes hit back from 2010. Somebody played it in my house late last week, and it’s been playing inside my head ever since. – Busra Erkara

Why? – “Sod in the Seed” – Morey Talmor

Alex Turner – “Stuck on the Puzzle” – Henry Giardina


The fanciest thing we’ve heard, seen or tasted all week:

I went to Morimoto the other night and they turned fancy water into fancy tofu in front of my fancy eyes. – Nick Haramis

Fish tacos from Nights and Weekends. They come with mangos and oranges—so gorgeous! – Sah 

After three bloody marys from Sunday’s brunch, I stepped inside a gloriously air conditioned Duane Reade to find myself walking out with the largest inflatable kiddy pool available. That’s fancy for me. – James Orlando

Hot tub boat! Fanciness courtesy of the fancy. – Morey

This. The fanciest way to screw up a job query in the history of time. – Henry


The best media we’ve encountered all week:

I never get tired of watching people fall. Like here or here. – Nick

“My Little Girl” by Paul Rudnick in the New Yorker. – Sah

The trailer for RZA’s The Man With the Iron Fists. – Ben

I re-watched Step Brothers the other day: a modern classic – Morey

She’s All That on Netflix. – Idil Tabanca


We’re curious about…

What will happen when Xenu finally (and inevitably) meets Katie Holmes. – Nick

I’m still curious about January Jones’ baby daddy. No one gets away with that shit. – Idil

How the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce is affecting the set of Oblivion, the sci-fi film he’s currently shooting. I’d imagine shit is pretty awkward. – Ben

The history of dry cleaning. – Busra

Whether the film version of Ideal will retain the naughty flavor of the series. Godspeed, Graham Duff! – Henry



The best horoscope we’ve read all week:

“Mercury retrogrades three times a year, for a little over three weeks. Whenever Mercury strays more than 27.5 degrees from the Sun, he goes retrograde, for the Sun calls him back to be at his side. Mercury was called “the messenger of the Gods” in ancient days, acting as an agent or go-between for others, for he is so articulate and clever. Undoubtedly, he is a very handy little guy for the other planets to have around, but when he retrogrades, he sleeps, and all his talents are unavailable to us here on earth. That means we have to do our best to double check all facts, and to go the extra mile to be clear when we speak or write to others. If we do not, the coming weeks will be a minefield of miscommunications.” – Idil

“This month may help you to find clousure on some previously stuck areas of life, and when it comes, you will be able to move on to adventurously scale new mountains.” – Juliet

Susan Miller tweeted back at me recently, called me a sweet gemini, and told me that everything was going to be alright. – Busra