Our Favorite Things This Week: Summer Fruits, Summer Jams, & More


Our Favorite Things This Week: Summer Fruits, Summer Jams, & More


Here at BULLETT headquarters, we’d like to think we have discerning taste. But what good is good taste if you can’t impose it upon others? In our Editor’s Picks of the week, you, reader, can get a privileged glimpse into our inter-office jams, fruits of choice, and various Bullett-approved cultural happenings for the week ahead.

What song have you been listening to on loop?

Icona Pop’s “I Love It” and Ssion’s “Psy-Chic– Nick Haramis

Alabama Shakes, “Hold On”Sah D’Simone

“Lost Without U,” by Robin Thicke – Idil Tabanca

Aerosmith’s “Girls of Summer” from 2002 – Busra Erkara 

Beach House, “Wherever You Go.” It’s the hidden track on Bloom after the 10 minute gap of silence on “Irene.” Is that supposed to be the “eye” of the hurricane? Does anyone know? – James Orlando

iamamiwhoami, “Goods.” The video features a eurodance party in a black box. Jonna Lee’s harlequin suit is everything. – Henry Giardina

Liars, “No 1 Against the Rush” (off their lovely new album WIXIW) – Morey Talmor

Pusha T, “Exodus 23:1” and Light Asylum’s “Knights and Week Ends” – Juliet Le Grand Thompson

“Exercises 3 (Buildings)” by CFCF, and I’m not just saying that because we premiered the video today. – Ben Barna


What’s the last thing you read and liked?

Jonah Lehrer’s new book Imagine: How Creativity Works. Besides exploring how the brain generates new ideas and problem solves in a fun and informative way, Lehrer claims the book will help the reader learn how to be more creative. So far it has not worked. – Ben 

Seth Grahame-Smith’s Unholy Night – Idil

The Chameleon: The many lives of Frédéric Bourdin by David Grann for The New Yorker. It’s a few years old but I came across it after watching The Imposter, a fascinating new documentary about this Mr. Ripley kind of guy. – Nick

Katie Notopoulos’ Twitter feed. It has a Ron Paul x My Little Pony background. – Busra

Confusion by Stefan Zweig, about a student, a teacher, the teacher’s young wife, and the inevitable sex that ensues. – Henry

Karen Russell’s “Quests” in the Sci-fi themed New Yorker. If it doesn’t make you a believer in Pizza Hut’s BOOK IT! and/or the sci-fi genre, I don’t know what will. – Juliet

I read an article in the most recent issue of Dazed and Confused about the filmmaker and artist Virgil Widrich about getting Hollywood out of our heads. I also finished reading the super-cheesy The Four Agreements by Miguel Angel Ruiz. – Sah


What are you excited about this week?

“Cartoon and Complaint,” Adam Green’s solo show at The Intercourse, Dustin Yellin’s new art space in Red Hook. – Nick

I’m going to visit some jellyfish @NYAQUARIUM and take shitty videos on my iPhone. – James

True Blood. – Idil 

Peter Gabriel just announced his So album 25th Anniversary reunion tour. – Morey


The fruit that you’re most excited is back in season.

Tomatoes, I guess. Only if they’re in grilled cheese sandwiches. – Nick

Watermelons. They are aesthetically pleasing, taste and smell amazing, and not surprisingly, they make the best juice.  – Busra

Rainier cherries – Henry

Peaches! – Juliet

Blackberries… they’re the best. – James

Blueberries! – Morey

Plums—because they’re awesome! – Idil