Our Favorite Things: Alcoholic Edition


Our Favorite Things: Alcoholic Edition


This week, we treat you to some of our favorite drinks, and that perilous intersection where ‘ghetto meets elegance.’

Obsessed song of the week:

“Cripple and the Starfish” by Antony and the Johnsons. (It’s been cloudy.) – Nick Haramis

“Plastic Bag” by X-Ray Spex. – Idil Tabanca

“Baby’s On Fire” by Die Antwoord. – James Orlando

“Dreams” by Gabrielle. A classic worth revisiting. – Ben Barna

“Hol’ Up” by Kendrick Lamar. My favorite part is where he goes “Who can I trust in 2012? Not even myself, a Gemini screaming for help.” – Busra Erkara

The new Hot Chip album has many great (and pretty cheesy) songs of the week. I like the song “Don’t Deny Your Heart”Morey Talmor

“The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” by the Walker Brothers and “Pyramids” by Frank Ocean. – Henry Giardina

“Rosa” by Grimes. – Juliet LeGrand Thompson

The last (successful) meal you made for someone…

I dont know how to make food, but a few days ago, my other half made me some crazy good roasted vegetables on brown rice in tahini and date sauce (!) – Morey

I tried to sabotage my boyfriend’s pre–European vacation diet by cooking him bacon, which I ended up eating in its entirety. – Nick

I tried to make lentil soup and it turned into a mushy paste. I ended up spreading it on baguette bread and eating it like nutella with some friends. I was trying to show my roommates I can cook Turkish food but it turned out to be a major fail. – Idil

I made an asian slaw, for no one but myself. – Ben

The most hilarious thing you’ve heard or seen this week…

Wow, this. – Morey

This. – James

“Like, how does it happen, you had a friend and you once both liked Power Rangers, and now you like weed and he likes meth.” N.P (23, male) – Busra

“My grandma died of adult-onset SIDS.” —@meganamram – Nick

“God don’t like ugly.” Some fortune teller said it to me this morning. – Idil

“…in other words, it basically uses the central theme as a phallic spindle for many other threads.” From Christine Brooke-Rose’s introduction to In Transit by Brigid Brophy. – Henry

Your current drink of choice…

Anything from Butternuts Beer & Ale. – Ben

Cafe Mogador’s Moroccan Iced Tea. It has the perfect amount of mint! – Busra

Red Bull and champagne–it’s more delicious than it sounds. It’s where ghetto meets elegance. – Idil

A Bloody Bull: it’s a Bloody Mary made with beef broth and horseradish. Basically an alcoholic pot roast. – Henry

An Aviation. – Juliet