March 6, 2013

Have you been following the fallout from the sequester? In case you weren’t paying attention, I’ll explain it real quick: A Sequester is what happens when mommy and daddy love each other very much, but they don’t want to look at each other’s stupid fucking faces anymore and can’t agree on where to go out for dinner, so they burn down all of the restaurants in town so they can get some goddamned peace and quiet for once in their miserable lives. More or less. Let someone smarter than me (although probably a lot less handsome) try to explain it.

The result is all sorts of cut backs on government spending, which have begun taking place already. Many of them are bad. Some are only bad if you over do it and you’ve got someplace to be early tomorrow morning, like this news from the Virginian-Pilot (via Mother Jones): COKE FOR EVERYONE!

According to the Virginian-Pilot, the Navy is pulling back from an operation that kept 160 tons of cocaine and 25,000 pounds of marijuana out of the United States last year. The program, called “Operation Martillo,” was a joint effort between the Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Drug Enforcement Agency, and governmental agencies in Europe and Latin America. But now, due to sequestration, the Navy will not deploy two of its ships slated to replace two homebound Navy vessels that were participating in the program. Here’s more from the Virginian-Pilot:

Thanks a lot, Obama. No, seriously though, thanks. The shit we’ve got out here right now is absolute schwag.

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