On Tour with The Britanys


On Tour with The Britanys


Photography: Amanda Rosalina

The Britanys are New York’s newest garage rockers from Bushwick—part Is This It, part Lou Reed. With their debut EP coming this February, the band, made up of lead singer Lucas Long, drummer Steele Kratt, bassist Lucas Carpenter and guitarist Jake Williams, are ready to bring back Downtown cool.

Along for the ride is Long’s girlfriend, model and photographer, Amanda Rosalina. When the boys set out for their first trip to LA earlier this year, she followed, carrying her Polaroid camera. The result is a series of sun-drenched photos straight out of 1975, that embody the same outsider spirit as The Britanys’ music.

As the boys gear up for an East Coast tour with BULLETT favorites, Public Access T.V., this January, we called Lucas and Amanda to talk Iggy Pop, Donald Trump and what to wear on the road.

Read the interviews, below, and check out the exclusive images, above.


How did you get into photography?

I got really interested in it during high school. But I’m not a professional photographer or anything like that—I’ve just had such an interest in shooting the band and using Polaroids to capture a moment. It’s more like a groupie thing—I just have my film and my camera, and I like taking pictures of them.

You’re also a model. What have you found are fundamental differences between being in front of the camera versus behind it?

It’s so much harder, as a model, to get your ideas heard. But when you’re behind the lens, it’s so much easier to get your point across.

Why did you decide to photograph this tour?

It was the first time the boys had ever played in LA, and I figured I’d be the best person to capture the everything, because I was tagging along.

What do you wear when you’re on tour?

All vintage. Anything that glitters.

How would you describe your style?

Right now, it’s very French—I love Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy.


Tell me about the band.

We’ve got a very New York sound—we’re really influenced by the whole late ‘60s, early ‘70s New York, CBGB’s scene, Velvet Underground, Iggy Pop, scene.

Tell me about the tour.

We went in, being from New York, thinking LA was going to fucking suck. But we had a good time.

What was the best part?

The worst part was the first show—it was election night, and it was our first show ever on the West Coast so we were already super nervous. We were playing on rooftop of The Ace Hotel, and right behind us was this giant projection of the election results as they were coming in. Everyone was watching the projections, we were even trying to watch them as we played. When we finished playing, it was announced that Trump had won, and everyone basically just started crying. We were seriously contemplating mass suicide.

What’s it like having Amanda on the road, photographing everything?

When you get four guys together, it’s always nice to have a female presence around. She’s like the band’s wingman and designated driver. And she keeps us from fighting with each other.