NYFW AW ’15: Perry Ellis


NYFW AW ’15: Perry Ellis


As one would expect from a Perry Ellis show, yesterday’s AW ’15 presentation was fairly straightforward, tailoring current menswear trends to fit within the Perry Ellis mold. This was designer Michael Maccari’s sophomore effort with the brand, but it doesn’t seem he’s hit his stride quite yet. Sure, there were a few thoughtful colorations, unexpected styling choices and undeniably wearable pieces, but the overall presentation lacked a clearly defined direction. To try and make some sense of our Perry Ellis experience, we’ve assembled a list of four takeaways.

1. Joe Jonas loves fashion


The retired JoBro has certainly been making the rounds within the creative community as of late. It seems like he’s desperately trying to get some street cred, but there’s always a slight chance that he’s actually interesting. Jonas was seated in Perry Ellis’ front row, beside New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz. As models walked the runway, the two gave it their best shot to seem interested in the clothing passing by. Jonas occasionally nodded like a seasoned critic, as if he knew people would be watching, while Cruz sort of just stared blankly throughout the presentation.

2. Bags should be big enough to fit your entire wardrobe inside

giant bag

All the outfits seemed expectedly tame, until a few models emerged holding bags that were half their size. Every pair of eyes in the audience immediately became fixated on those eyesores, questioning their size, pondering their purpose and trying to think of the best way to describe them. One person made a reference to, “body bags,” while another attendee threw out, “pizza delivery bags.” Either way, if you can’t potentially pack up your every belonging before you leave for the day, your go-to bag is too small.

3. Your funky aunt’s wallpaper looks great as a printed fabric

Aunt print

Designer Michael Maccari chose to build much of his collection around this one abstract print that looked uncomfortably evocative of something you’d find covering the walls of your kooky relative with an affinity for “the arts.” There were definite strong moments throughout the Perry Ellis presentation, but this reoccurring element distracted from it all.

4. Even boring businessmen can rock velour tracksuits


The final look was an unusual add-in for Perry Ellis’ presentation, introducing a look that all the rich, blue-haired attendees likely never considered incorporating into their closet. A neutral velour tracksuit was worn beneath a camel-colored topcoat, rounding out the show with scratching heads.