Not One! Reality Star and Pop Diva Erika Jayne Gives Zero Fucks


Not One! Reality Star and Pop Diva Erika Jayne Gives Zero Fucks


As a lead housewife on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne is no stranger to fierce criticism, but that’s never once fazed the 45-year-old diva. Most, if not all, of her fellow cast members are content sipping top-shelf rosé and talking shit about every plastic platinum beauty that crosses their paths—Jayne oft included—but the reality star has successfully risen above the naysayers to establish a larger name surrounding her other identity: Pop sensation.

Armed with a slew of Billboard No. 1 Dance hits, Jayne has been working on her music career for years, first breaking into pop in 2007 with her glistening disco-imbued track, “Stars,” and later solidifying club fame with her debut full-length LP Pretty MessMore recently, Jayne returned with her DGAF single, “How Many Fucks?” and a candy-colored music video to accompany it, which we proudly labeled “tomorrow’s cult club anthem.” While some hated it, others loved it, and that’s just the kind of polarizing figure Jayne happily embodies.

BULLETT recently caught up with the “zero fucks” songstress to learn more:

What were you hoping to achieve with Pretty Mess

The Pretty Mess album was inspired by three ideas: Fantasy, love [and] escape. It was my goal to take the listener on a little vacation from their everyday lives. Some of the songs were fun, some were whimsical, but all were meant to make you dance.

You’ve landed on a very pop, club-friendly sound. Why this direction? 

I grew up in the MTV generation—the pop music of the ’80s and the artists that emerged from that incredible time like Prince, Michael Jackson and Madonna continue to inspire me.


Who are some of your favorite contemporary pop artists? 

Rihanna [because] everything she does is cool. Ariana Grande [because] her voice is a gift from God, and, of course Beyonce, who is the best entertainer of this generation.

What was it like working with songwriters Justin Tranter and Myah Marie on “How Many Fucks?”

I adore Justin and have worked with him before. This was the first time I worked with Myah. I had a conversation on the phone with Justin and told him exactly what I was looking for, how I was feeling at the time and the things going on around me. He and Myah then somehow crawled into my brain and created ‘How Many Fucks?’ I remembered the night he sent over the rough and my reply was, ‘I just need to change the word 7 to 8.’ It was perfect.

Your “How Many Fucks?” video was a major pop moment. What were you hoping to achieve visually?

Thank you, I am so glad you think so—I agree. As always, I strive to put out a provocative yet tasteful visual. I wanted to reference ’90s glam with hood rat appeal. I had a feeling a lot of people would relate to the fashion and art vibes we were serving in the video.


What’s Los Angeles’ party scene like? 

I love to go out in LA, either to Bootsy Bellows or in Weho. But clubs close at 2 AM, so if you’re going to continue the party, you’ve gotta go to someone’s house—that’s where everyone can be themselves and socialize.

Do you have any favorite places in NYC?

NYC nightlife is like no other. It’s definitely one of my favorite cities to party and socialize in. I just performed at the Diamond Horseshoe and was super impressed at that venue. We had a kick ass show that night. Some of my other favorites are The Darby, One Oak and The Cock, which can be really fun when [I’m] on the road with my dancers.


Ageism is something you’ve frequently faced. How do you respond to that critique? 

I definitely have the ‘zero fucks’ mentality when it comes to ageism. You are never too old to pursue your dreams and I believe no woman should lay down and give up at a certain age.

Are you working on another full-length album?

When I finish shooting season 7 of RHOBH I’m going back into the studio with some of my favorite writers and producers to record new music. [That’s] expected to be released early 2017. I just shot a music video for my new song, ‘XXPEN$IVE,’ which will be dropping after the first of the year. Stay tuned.

Photography: Nikko LaMere
Stylist: Dani Michelle
Makeup: Preston Meneses
Hair: Scotty Cunha