No Pants Subway Ride Harnesses Ass-Power of World’s Youth (Photos)


No Pants Subway Ride Harnesses Ass-Power of World’s Youth (Photos)



It was No Pants Subway Ride on Sunday, or, as I like to call it, International Subway Pervert Creepshot Free Pass Christmas. (See what I mean?) It’s the annual something or other started by the group Improv Everywhere that sets out to change the way we look at one thing or another by harnessing the most efficient natural resource in the urban 20-something ecosystem: ass-power.


You may also know the day by one of its other names: Annual Newspaper Web Editors Get Drunk on Click Lust Day, or This Is A Much Better Assignment Than Shooing City Hall Meetings Stringer Photographer Holiday. (Above and header image Sean Havey via).


“International what now? I’m going to RAGE at a dubstep show.”



Here’s a photo from what I like to call Tight Pants Subway Ride.


More like “1600 Penn(is) (via)


Weird, I just got off at this stop too. (via)


It wasn’t all young people, of course. Although these two tourists look so sad and confused they may have simply gotten mugged for their trousers. (via)


It’s all fun and games until someone gets a boner. A tiny, horrifying tighty-whitey boner.



The name of the show being advertised on that poster, by the way, is Shameless.


You’re laughing now, but that bro on the left is literally how me and my skateboarder friends all dressed in the 90s for realsies. (via)


brb, minding the gap. (via)


Aww, look at the little fella with no pants on holding onto mommy. The baby is cute too. (via)


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