November 15, 2012

It’s rare that a song gets one halfway watchable video made these days, never mind two beautiful and heartbreaking ones. Last month we wrote about the official video for Rhye’s “The Fall”, one of the more memorable and distinctive cuts we’ve seen all year. A new version flips the original’s story of love gone stale and imagined infidelity into one of undying love. I think. It’s a testament to the track’s versatility, a live version of the song in this case, that it fits either end of the cynic/romantic spectrum so well depending on the accompanying visuals. Here the song is set to old found footage of smiling, frolicking couples from decades past.

Most of these people are likely dead by now having suffered many romantic hardships over their lives. But here they’re caught in moments of bliss that probably seemed like they’d last forever.

Lest we started thinking there wasn’t anything this song can’t do, along comes this edit from UK producer Two Inch Punch, set to footage of synchronized swimming, that mostly strips the song of any of its languid fervor, turning it into a mostly unnecessary jumble. Slightly more successful is this Maurice Fulton disco-remix, cut to Soul Train clips, that paradoxically drains the gradual drowsiness of the original of its sense of forward momentum by injecting an obtrusive disco guitar, funk bassline and handclap beat. Meh. Having four successful versions would just be asking way too much.

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