No Christmas Truce: War on Police Continues


No Christmas Truce: War on Police Continues


Today saw more violence and threats of violence against police and (mostly) black civilians in St Louis and New York. The NY Post puts the above horrifying photo on the cover. When covering foreign wars, the media usually censors graphic images. Not so here–the day in pictures is below.

In STL, another 18-year-old black man was shot to death, just five miles from Ferguson, where the War on Police began this summer with the killing of Mike Brown. Rolling Stone has a report:

A police officer fatally shot an armed man at a gas station in Berkeley, Missouri…on Tuesday night, according to The New York Times. At the Berkeley incident, the officer was white and the victim was black.

About 300 people gathered at the station after the shooting, setting off fireworks and lobbing bricks and rocks at police. Four people were arrested and at least two police officers were injured.

Below, the victim’s mother. And then the beef between cops and civilians at the gas station where the youth was killed.




Back in the city, a prison gang has threatened full-on attack on NYPD stations. Ironically, the Black Guerrilla Family is threatening to use classic guerrilla tactics: attacking a base of power. This is slightly reminiscent of the Al Qaeda in Iraq guys who were jailed and hardened to form ISIS.



This DHS officer was spotted abusing his power and parking in the fire lane to purchase $1 gifts. File under: not fighting the war on terror.