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Nicole Arbour Should be Ashamed For Saying ‘Fat Shaming Was Made Up By Fat People’

Cultural Commentator

Nicole Arbour Should be Ashamed For Saying ‘Fat Shaming Was Made Up By Fat People’


Comedian-You Tuber, Nicole Arbour, launched a video last week where she dared to “joke” that fat shaming is not real. “Fat people made that up,” she said satirically… since it is in fact “satire people!” Needless to say, the You Tuber received half a million views before her You Tube channel was temporarily shut down.

According to, a spokesperson for You Tube said that the video was mistakenly suspended, and had the channel back up and running by the following afternoon. A now more popular than ever Comedian Arbour tweeted expurgation saying, “We literally broke the internet… with comedy #censorship”, pointing out to all those offended that she was merely trying to make people laugh.

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But to me, the amount of press and attention the comedian has received for the ethically questionable video does not come as a surprise. Feminism is very popular right now, with more and more powerful women speaking out about women’s wages, equal rights and (AHA! moment) “body image”.

Women of all shapes and sizes are suddenly becoming more and more popular and encouraging younger women to join in singing that it’s “all about the bass, ‘bout the bass- no trebble!” with pop singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor, or in believing that fairy tales really do come true for what is believed to be “normal” to “bigger-build-ed” women, such as comedian-actress Amy Schumer, in box office hits like Trainwreck.

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Today more and more women are encouraged by celebrities like Niki Minaj to embrace their “anaconda” booties and dance and sing proudly like Rebel Wilson’s “Fat Amy” in the successful Pitch Perfect franchise.

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So perhaps Arbour knew exactly what she was doing when she released a video critiquing people’s weight. Especially when she released a video titled “Most Offensive Video Ever” after all the backlash she got from “Dear Fat People”. Perhaps Arbour is just another artist looking for attention and a chance to #breaktheinternet. And perhaps I should stop appeasing her and end this article here. Meh #fuckit #followthetrend

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