New York Rockers Caveman Answer Some Simple Questions About Life and Socks


New York Rockers Caveman Answer Some Simple Questions About Life and Socks


Comprised of five honest-to-goodness homegrown New Yorkers, Caveman are the New York band that doesn’t need thrifted leather jackets and angsty attitudes to be cool. Bonded by a mutual desire for good vibes, you immediately get the sense that these fellas are genuinely happy doing what they’re doing, and the fact their music is charming and catchy only makes them all the more endearing. We asked Caveman to take a moment to answer our SXSW questionnaire and, in typical Caveman fashion, they obliged.

What are you guys up to this summer?
We’re just going to play as many shows as possible and continue to feel good about life and do things that make us happy. We’re heading out the Sasquatch! Festival for Memorial weekend.

Any recording going on?
Our new record is coming out April 2nd and we just released two new songs, “In the City” and “Over My Head.”

Tell me about a “No Regret” moment for the band.
Deciding to be a band?

Tell me about the favorite thing you’re wearing right now.
Robert James is the man. Robert James head to toe.  Jimmy’s got a guitar shop upstairs of Robert’s clothing store on the Lower East Side.

Tell me about your relationship with your socks.
That is really dark. I’ve got fucking 8 pairs of socks for this trip.

I bought a dozen pairs of new black socks that are just glorious.

My sock vibe is I wear them, then I throw them out.

My dad’s a George Michael fan. Over “I Want Your Sex” he would scream “I Want Your Socks” so me and my sister wouldn’t get weird ideas.

What were you listening to at 8th grade graduation?
Beastie Boys. Weird Al. Alice In Chains.

Where do you spend most of your time on the Internet?
A lot of basketball sites.

What’s your team?
Knicks. I’m going to start getting into fantasy golf.

If I could end with one great question for you to answer, what would it be?
Where are we going to eat?

What’s your go to Karaoke song?
I like doing “We’ve Got Tonight” by Bob Seger if it’s really going to get emotional. Or anything by Dion.

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