New York Post: ‘Anti-Semite’ Galliano ‘Mocks’ Jews


New York Post: ‘Anti-Semite’ Galliano ‘Mocks’ Jews


Oh weird, the New York Post is basically making shit up to stoke outrage, and we’re writing about said trolling to stoke a different kind of outrage. As they “reported” this morning, “Disgraced designer and convicted anti-Semitic ranter John Galliano ignited a new round of outrage yesterday — dressing like a Hasid to attend pal Oscar de la Renta’s Fashion Week show in New York.”



As you can see in the image above, Galliano, dressed somewhat like a member of the Orthodox Jewish community, of which, the Post points out, there are quite a few in Brooklyn. Here, just ask these people:

“He’s trying to embarrass people in the Jewish community and make money on clothes [while] dressed like people he has insulted,” fumed Williamsburg community leader Isaac Abraham. It looks like the hairstyle he added was done purposely to insult.”

“Who is he mocking?” added Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind. “The way the socks look, the jacket, the peyos . . . My question is, who’s he laughing at?

Shut and dry case of religious mockery, right? Maybe not, says New York mag:

The piece also quoted Galliano’s publicist, Liz Rosenberg, who said, “Your accusations are not at all correct.” And she’s right, because Galliano has been wearing this exact outfit for ages, right down to the ringlets in his hair — which are definitely not peyos, as they circle his whole head. The exaggerated bowler hat, baggy cropped pants, and long jacket are such well-known components of his uniform that Bill Gaytten, Galliano’s successor at his namesake line, modeled an entire menswear collection on them for spring 2012. Indeed, the hat Galliano wore yesterday looks to be one of Gaytten’s recent designs.

The designer, as you’ll recall, was convicted of “making public insults based on origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity,” for two incidents in Paris in 2011 and 2010, including, among other things, praising Hitler. Hitler, you may remember, was known for manipulating the public through outlandish claims, lies, and hate. The New York Post is good at that too. Wait a minute, are the Post antisemitic monsters? Let’s ask this guy:

“Sure, I dunno,” said Luke O’Neil, Bullett Media blogger. “Whatever you say.”


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