New York Fashion Week: 10 Perfect Runway Songs


New York Fashion Week: 10 Perfect Runway Songs


Trumpeting New York Fashion Week Fall 2014’s commencement, we tapped Billboard’s Fashion Editor Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. to give us the rundown on the chicest beasts to hear on the runway this season.

Like your favorite pair of jeans, some songs just fit when it comes to a fashion week soundtrack. A poetic song can be that perfect punctuation to a designer’s arty catwalk creation. Here are my picks for the top 10 songs I want to hear on the runway this season. Check it out and revamp your ipod with some fashion-themed riffs.

Acid Washed, ‘General Motors, Detroit, America’
Pause Daft Punk this season and go for French duo Acid Washed. You wont regret it. Their airy and euphoric disco anthems are begging to be played on the catwalk. This particular track blends unbounded optimism with a frisky synth-pop edge. Is anyone else picturing a collection of butch jackets, bustier hybrids and snakeskin boots?

Beyonce, “Blow”
Beyonce on the runway? Yes please. Anytime, anywhere.

Dum Dum Girls, “Lost Boys and Girls Club”
What do you get when you blend the Cure and Madonna? The deliciously mysterious ‘80s tinged beats of the Dum Dum Girls. Perhaps this lavish melody’s milky clarity will contrast a show stepped in melodrama and leather.

Ciara, “Overdose”
Hip-hop Queen Ciara always knows how to put us in the mood for lust. Sonic and modern with a rambunctious edge, “Overdose” oozes with breathtaking climaxes that can accent any collection steeped in a feathery femininity, sex and splendor.

Blank Realm, “Violet Delivery”
Aussie art-rock quartet Blank Realm’s latest album is chock full of new-wave punky jams. The drum-machine pounding of “Violet Delivery” makes this track a perfect, strut worthy choice for the catwalk.

Madonna, “White Heat”
Nothing is more exciting than when you hear a retro sound remixed on the runway, especially when that retro sound is Madonna. I would love to hear this track blended with an iridescent synth beat.

Crayola Lectern, “The Goldfish Song”
Crayola Lectern mashed a selection of sweetly textured beats with artful electronics for his new album, The Fall and Rise Of… This beautiful ambient sound could easily serve as the soundtrack to collections stitched together with yellow flowers, confetti prints and crystal-spiked baubles.

M.I.A, “Y.A.L.A (MikeQ Bootle)”
Every fashion week playlist needs one blaring electronic beat filled with unwarranted vanity and unapologetic lyrics. Kanye West is an obvious choice for fashion week. Instead, go for M.I.A, who can always be counted on for sinfully cocky beats.

Sky Ferreira,I Will”
“I Will” is a rhythmic cluster of haunted melodies that unfold with a murky yet graceful honesty. A nice runway replacement for a Florence Welch song, these cosmic and mellow tunes seem to highlight a hidden darkness through the use of tripped-out instrumentals.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, “13 Dolls”
English singer, songwriter and model, Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s new album, Wanderlust is full of fizzing ambient beats that pack a meaningful punch. It’s a kind of haute couture techno dripping-in fierce nowness.

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