January 2, 2013

Hold on now just a second right there you guys, just chill out for a minute, just hold the phone, wait a tick, stop what you’re doing, because Sky Ferreira has a new video for her dreamy track “Lost In My Bedroom” and nothing else matters.  “This video may cause viewers with photo sensitive epilepsy and other similar types of conditions to potentially experience seizures VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED” reads the warning at the beginning of this grainy, thrice-recorded-over-VHS-bootleg-style video. Does an epileptic boner count as similar enough, because that’s the condition I’m currently experiencing. The jumbled cuts here mix scenes of Sky in the titular bedroom, swimming and pouting with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. It has sort of a Ringu VHS of doom vibe, which is cool with me, because I’m going to watch it 50 times in a row on the off chance she ends up crawling out of my screen and murdering me. Would probably be worth it.

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