New Site MyMusic Is Like Pinterest For ‘Yr Jamz’


New Site MyMusic Is Like Pinterest For ‘Yr Jamz’


Aside from Facebook and Twitter and Spotify and Tumblr and Pinterest and SoundCloud and LastFM, and our own music blogs which every single person you know operates now, and all of our side jobs as a nation of try-hard DJ night promoters constantly shoveling invites into the online furnace, there just aren’t that many options for sharing a taste of your own personal brand anymore with the world at large. That’s especially true when it comes to music – you like a song these days, then you listen to it in private, and no one else is ever the wiser. It’s a lonely existence, this modern music fandom. I suppose if you’re really wanted to get old timey about sharing your jams with the world you could do what every single shit head that ever sits down next to me on the subway does and just blast your ear buds loud enough for people on the next car to hear, or this new baffling move I see at the gym now where dudes set up their iPhone on the bench and use it as a portable speaker, blessing us all with their choice cuts while getting cut.

But what if you really want to engage with your social media circle in a meaningful, tastefully designed way? A new service called MyMusic aims to finally help you do that. The site allows users to curate a variety of music-based content into one streamlined, personalized page which they call “magazines”. As they explain:

MyMusic is an all-encompassing online music content aggregator that has the potential to both change the way we digest and share our music, as well as ease the music industry’s tough shift into the digital age. And it’s launching TODAY.

It’s pretty much like if Pinterest and Flipboard had an awesome musical baby.

Rather than dealing with music content that’s scattered around the web, MyMusic provides a personalized, customizable, shareable, all-in-one online experience through continuously updated music magazines. Create your own magazine or just do a search – like this one for The Script – for your favorite band to get the latest images, videos, news, tour dates and more.

Yes, do that, although I’d maybe choose a better band than The Script if I were designing your page, except I’m not, because it’s yours! I particularly like the visual of someone trying to deal with content scattered all around the web – I’m picturing, like, an infomercial with a frowning dude in a hoodie trying to tab back and forth from a Japandroids video to a Grimes slideshow then getting frustrated and drop kicking his laptop out the window. (Drop kicking a laptop out the window is the premise of the new Grimes track I just pinned to my page, incidentally).

“Rather than endlessly searching multiple sites across the Web for bits of content, music lovers now have one place where all the greatest content is delivered to them. MyMusic gives people a fresh way to express their music personalities,” they explain.

So, for example, say you wanted to do a search for Morrissey, which, why wouldn’t you. You enter the band name into the field, toggle on or off a list of choices for the type of content you want to receive, videos, images, articles, tweets, events or lyrics and all of a sudden there you have it – a collection of YouTube videos, live show dates, Spotify lists, and recent articles. It’s kind of cool, actually, although it’s a little slow at times, and still not entirely comprehensive-seeming. I searched for some lesser known bands that don’t seem to have made it into their algorithm yet.

“People don’t just listen to music – they connect with it,” said Rob Lane, co-founder and chief executive officer of MyMusic. “MyMusic is the missing link between how people experience music offline and integrate that into their online music identities. We merge the best music content from across the Web onto our site, giving fans something fun and simple they will want to keep using.”

Maybe. It’s fun to play with for now, but like any other social media service it will only be as interesting as its number of users allows. I just started a page, although it’s still a little slim, but you can check it out here, because readers of this site certainly don’t get enough opportunities to hear about whatever stupid song I’m obsessing over for the week is.