January 18, 2013

Normally, when we’re in the depths of winter, the thing to do is to find a really evocative summery video, say, frolicking on the beach and such, and then, what you do in this scenario I’m inventing on the fly here you see, is you imagine yourself in that same scene you’re looking at on the computer. Magic.

But summer is kind of sweaty and boring, so let’s switch things up a bit and transport ourselves to the best season, autumn, with this new not-sure-if-it’s-happy-or-sad video from PAWS ,”Sore Tummy”.

The Scottish indie rockers do their best 120 Minutes video impression here, with an assist from Alive Costelloe of Big Deal, a pile of leaves, a fish eye lens, and, presumably, some eye of nute and toe of frog, because this is some bewitching stuff.

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