New Justin Timberlake Track Is Best/Worst Song Ever Maybe Both?

Happy middle brow urban white girl Christmas everyone. Not only were the Golden Globes on tonight, as well as new episodes of Girls and Downton Abbey, the new JTIMBO finally dropped. Alas, there will be no honest appraisal of the new Justin Timberlake track, his first in ≈7 years, forthcoming here, because such a creature cannot exist. On one side you’re going to have people going out of their way to blow everyone’s minds by “not feeling it”, and on the other you’ll have people who were always already going to like it no matter what it sounded like. You could compress diamonds with the pressure being put forth on either side of the spectrum online right now. (Although Paper Mag’s take was pretty dope: Getting major “Barry Gibb Talkshow” vibes from Justin Timberlake‘s new song, and we like it.” )

The Timbaland produced, Jay-Z-guesting song, “Suit & Tie,” is the first track off his upcoming third album The 20/20 Experience. Check it out here, then yell at people you don’t know about whether it’s good or not.

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