December 7, 2012

Never ceases to amaze me how many great musical acts come out of Sweden, a country with a population of roughly seven thousand people, every single one of whom is gorgeous and in a buzzy band. (S/O to my grandmoms Shirley Backstrom). On the heels of that Elliphant video we just posted comes this new BANGER “Jag svär” from Alina Devecerski, our favorite Icona Pop-Pop act. I interviewed her over the summer when her similarly amazing  “Flytta på dej” was blasting my tits backwards, and I kind of figured she was going to become a relevant household name in all of our relevant households, but I guess the fact that most of us still have no idea what she’s singing about is kind of hindering things at the moment vis a vis “crossover” success here in the States.

Check out the new video anyway. I think she maybe imagined the whole thing? Is that what’s going on here? Too busy dancing to watch closely.

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