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Nev Schulman Did the Goofiest Tweet About the NFL Domestic Violence Scandal

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Nev Schulman Did the Goofiest Tweet About the NFL Domestic Violence Scandal


BREAKING: Guy makes bad tweet.

After watching everyone pile on Nev Schulman last night for this hilariously self important and goofy-ass tweet reaction to the Ray Rice domestic violence story, and going in on it pretty heavily myself, I was going to skip over it today, and just sort of let it drop. Surely, he’d been sufficiently shamed, and must have at least thought long and hard about whether or not it was a good idea in the first place to use the story to bolster his own brand, I thought. DiGiorno pizza, after all, quickly apologized for their own bungle.

Boy am I fucking stupid. Schulman, the guy behind the film and TV series Catfish, reacted about as well as you’d expect for a dude whose claim to fame is embarrassing people who’ve been tricked by phony romantic partners online, doubling down on the doucheiness.

Yes. Yes indeed, that is exactly what people found wrong about your tweet. Not that you were shoehorning your own grill into a topical story about domestic violence in order to distribute a selfie and look like a Good Guy Hero at the same time, it was that you simply challenged us too much.



Here are some other things:

The hand on the heart.

The Blue Steel glance.

The bag holding the door open.

It’s a Whole Foods bag.

The water bottle, because this is some thirsty ass shit.

The #RESPECT hashtag. 



OK, now here are some tweets I didn’t write, which usually go in this area of these type of blog posts: 



As for Schulman outside of the elevator, Slate recently reviewed his new book, and he sounds like just as much of a deluded dipshit as you might imagine.

UPDATE: I had heard rumors about this before, but didn’t want to say so without it being verified, but I heard from a couple people who went to college with Schulman, and it appears he was involved in an incident where he punched a woman in the face. Gawker has more on that.