‘Mysteries of Love’ from David Lynch’s ‘Blue Velvet’ Gets a Video Update From Kid Moxie


‘Mysteries of Love’ from David Lynch’s ‘Blue Velvet’ Gets a Video Update From Kid Moxie


In the David Lynch oeuvre, the musical selections and the score have long been just as important as the visuals in setting the off-kilter tone. One of the most memorable of the lengthy catalog was “Mysteries of Love” from the Blue Velvet soundtrack. Written by Lynch and longtime composer Angelo Badalamenti, the song was recently updated by Kid Moxie with a new recording and video.

“Mysteries of Love is the first song that David and I collaborated on,”Badalamenti, who worked with Kid Moxie on the recording says. “And the magic of it set a tone and an identity, for all that followed.”

Moxie, who took us on a tour of her world a few months back, was on hand at the “The Music Of David Lynch” concert in Los Angeles earlier this month, where the video debuted.


Elena and David Lynch


How did you get involved with Angelo?

Angelo, after hearing some of my music that I had sent him, called me and asked me if I was planning to be in New York anytime soon cause he “Might have a little something we could try together.” So we took a drive one night around the city, and kept listening to the song and talking about its story. That was a beautiful night”.

Tell us about the video. Would you say it’s Lynch-inspired?

The video was directed by David Lynch Masters alumni Amine Kouider and also Sam Lieb, creative head of David Lynch Foundation TV.

In the video, a woman finds light shining under the ground. That sets in motion the journey she is about to undergo where she follows a man to a theater in a forest, where they both watch -enthralled- the performance of a human cocoon.

We are all admirers of Lynch’s work and we wanted to do his song justice but we tried not to have any direct Lynch references in it, our main goal was to create the right atmosphere for the song to live in.

What was the Lynch event like? Did you get to meet him? 

I have been a huge Lynch fan since i was a teenager growing up in Athens, Greece. Being part of the event “The Music Of David Lynch” was nothing less than magical for me. All these amazing artists were there to celebrate his work (Badalamenti, Duran Duran, Moby, Karen O, Sky Ferreira, Lykke Li) and “Mysteries Of Love” premiered there as the only video included in this epic line up. I did get to meet him and was very happy to hear from him in person how much he liked the remake of his song by Angelo and myself and also that he loved the video.

After the concert ended, the night culminated in eating tacos with Duran Duran and dancing and singing on the street with some of L.A’s most talented homeless people, while a random stranger who had just attended the concert kept tapping me on the shoulder and then saying… “Silencio”. It all seemed to make perfect sense.