Musician Kills 3, Commits Suicide in Brooklyn Shooting


Musician Kills 3, Commits Suicide in Brooklyn Shooting


An associate of a Brooklyn by way of Iran rock band, the Yellow Dogs, has murdered three people, including members of the band, before killing himself in Williamsburg early this morning, the New York Times reports.

UPDATE: Ali Akbar Mahammadi Rafie, now revealed as the shooter, was not a member of Yellow Dogs, as we previously wrote, but another associated band the Free Keys.

The men were known on their block for their long hair and tight jeans and often seen lugging their instruments, the very picture of a young and aspiring band in an area of the city teeming with them.

They sang, partied, ate meals and skateboarded together, neighbors said.

“They were always together and they were always friendly,” said Martin Greenman, 63, a recycler who works a few doors away from the apartment on a block of residential and industrial buildings. “They looked like rockers,” he said.

Their Twitter profile calls them “a post punk/dance punk band from Tehran/Iran, living in Brooklyn at the moment.”

The gunmen did not appear to have forced his way into the home, the police said. Once inside, he marched upstairs, shooting his victims on the second and third floors. He continued to the roof, where he shot himself in the head with the gun, which the police said appeared to be an assault rifle.

The New York Post has more details:

The killer, brandishing a Century Sporter .308-caliber semi-automatic weapon with a 20-round magazine, showed up around midnight and opened fire on a person standing outside.

That person was wounded.

Then he stormed into the building and kept firing off round after round.

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