December 5, 2012

Jay-Z, a well known New York musician, rode the subway to his job, much like a regular asshole, such as, for example, i.e. you and me, and what a laugh it was, because he’s too rich for the subway. He even talked to people, like this white old lady Ellen Grossman, who happens to be an artist from Brooklyn well known for her topographical drawings and sculptures. Gawker thought it was cute that an old white lady didn’t know who Jay-Z was on sight, and was nice enough to treat her like a normal human being while the cameras were rolling filming a documentary with the express purpose of humanizing him.

 Today (which happens to be Hova’s 43rd birthday), a 24-minute documentary on Jay-Z’s 8-show stint that opened Brooklyn’s Barclays Center in September was released via YouTube. One highlight of Where I’m From occurs when Jay takes the subway en route to his last show and sits next to a kind-faced older woman named Ellen who has no idea who the fuck she’s talking to. The ensuing conversation is infinitely sweeter and more humble than if she had.

Watch the full clip of Where I’m From below, and see the hilarious interaction between an artist and a guy who yells at people about the drugs he sold thirty years ago here.

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