Músed Crashes the MET, Appropriates Calvin Klein in Anti-Elitist Fashion Film (Watch)


Músed Crashes the MET, Appropriates Calvin Klein in Anti-Elitist Fashion Film (Watch)


“I co-opt in my Músed,” reads NYC brand’s fall ’16 fashion film, openly appropriating Calvin Klein’s campaign as a way to highlight designer Lindsay Jones’ rebellious attitude. Directed by AKLO, the Músed film declares what they stand for in today’s noisy fashion industry—a brand that’s one-part high fashion and one-part anti-elitist underdog.

“We’re not going to wait around for anybody’s permission,” AKLO said of the film’s message. “We’re coming for the throne; we’re here to usurp the kings and queens; we’re quite literally here to slay.

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Staged inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where Músed’s cast filmed guerilla-style, the brand defines beauty for itself surrounded by the MET’s walls of work that history has deemed beautiful.

“I try to look to beauty that speaks to me,” Jones said. “I was modeling at 14 and literally raised in the fashion industry. I have known and seen so many things I felt were not right—the lack of inclusivity, [for one]. Beauty is inclusive and transcends a lot of the ideals the industry has been selling us forever. I’ve had people tell me to book only models from agencies to fit my demographic. I’ve had a major PR company that was interested in me just walk away after they saw my casting direction.”

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For fall ’16, Jones said she designed the collection to find a balance between elegance and edge, much like the film’s cast against the conservative MET environment: “I am drawn to elegant long lines and luxe fabrics,” she said. “I like to give it an edge, so you can still feel cool [and] rebellious while wearing a silk robe to the MET, for example.”

Watch the BULLETT premiere, below, as Richie Shazam, Daniela Czenstochowski and Eloisa Santos become one with the neoclassical sculptures and make love to the Caravaggio’s, all with the mission “to sin, to pray, to worship, to slay.”

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