December 3, 2012

HBO’s The Newsroom was controversial on account of being pretty goofy and condescending and probably not all that good, but I still watched every episode of it to some enjoyment. Which is why I’m a little excited to see that casting’s been done for a “well-scrubbed Mitt Romney campaign staffer,” to be featured in an upcoming episode of the upcoming season. Part of the sluggishness of The Newsroom was how it offered a holier-than-thou look at news events that happened several months—or years, in some cases—before every episode, so that Aaron Sorkin could provide his idea of what the ideal coverage would’ve looked like had been in rightful charge of our nation’s news outlets. Being condescended to on how we should’ve looked at the BP oil spill some two years after the fact was a little maddening. But the chance to lecture on how the Romney campaign should’ve been covered over the last year is the type of slow-moving, fattened softball that Sorkin just won’t be able to resist knocking out of the park, given his well-documented liberal hard-on.

Subtlety be damned. Regardless of when and where the episode takes place, regardless of whether we come in at the beginning, middle or end of Romney’s campaign, regardless of how many times Sorkin will insist he’s just telling the facts, this episode is going to end with a big, bright flashlight of “fuck you” in order to highlight, once again, that Mitt Romney lost the presidential election by being a gigantic sterile goof. It’s going to be something OBVIOUSLY METAPHORICAL like the Romney staffer failing to open a door for an old woman and subsequently yelling at her for being extraneous and ineffective. It’ll be a supercut of 47% comments laid over footage of Will McAvoy volunteering at a soup kitchen. It’ll be like five minutes of President Obama just waving and smiling at the camera before fading out into Young Jeezy’s “My President is Black” over the credits. It’s going to be a little nauseating, but not something to miss.

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