February 7, 2013

Are you a Morrissey or a Bowie? Sexually ambiguous or sexually spectral? Thin white male or Thin White Duke? Painfully human or painfully alien? I just don’t know, you guys. But fans may be forced to choose after an apparent conflict between the two music icons over the cover art for a single from a reissue of one of Morrissey’s old records, Kill Uncle. It was supposed to feature an unreleased photo of Morrissey and Bowie hanging out in the early ’90s, but Bowie doesn’t want Morrissey’s label to use the artwork. Now, it’s got a different, similarly nostalgic but less cool photograph to announce that you’ll probably going to feel a bunch of things over the next hour. It’s not really a feud, because there haven’t been any testy, passive aggressive statements released by either party through the press—and we all know about Morrissey’s flair for the melodramatic. But who doesn’t want to see them spare with arcane vocabulary and abstract artistic statement over the near future? Anyone? No one? Oh, sure. (For the record, I’m a Morrissey.)

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