February 22, 2013
photo by Howard Schatz via NYT
photo by Howard Schatz via NYT

“Women who are pregnant with girls are often reminded of the old wives’ tale about daughters’ stealing their mothers’ beauty” begins this piece in the New York Times Magazine, which, yikes, I’ve never heard that, that’s a horrible thing to say about anyone. Who wrote that old wive’s tale anyway? Some jerk, is who. Never mind that it’s probably true; children of both kinds also steal all your money, and your energy, and your hopes and dreams, and the change you leave in that little bowl by the door so when one day a few weeks later you’re looking for some change, like, Where is that change I’ve been putting here? Well guess what? The kid took it. All of which is why, as soon as I have a child, I’m going to march that baby right up to the edge of the nearest volcano, and say, Look here, baby, you see that volcano? Take a good hard look at it, because we are never coming back up here again, that hike just nearly broke my back, which is nearly ruined, on account of my being the older generation in this scenario. Also don’t get in the way of my modeling career. And then, sort of, hold the baby like, over the boiling pit of lava, and just let it think about things for a while. Let it all sink in.

Most of the mothers in this collection of photographs by Howard Schatz were probably a lot more supportive of their daughters’ career-choices, I’m guessing. Schatz spent about twelve years photographing life-force vampire models with their mothers.  From the piece:

Sometimes they hold hands affectionately; other times, they don’t want to touch at all. “I tell the model, ‘Be your mother’s daughter,’ ” he says of his instructions to his subjects. “ ‘No need to be a sexy fashion model.’ They have a very hard time with that. I want them to stop smiling and stop telling the camera how it’s supposed to see them.”

Some of the mothers look like they were also models themselves at one point. Some of them do not. One thing is certain, however, and that is that they are all beautiful (via basic human beauty which lives inside of us all).

Go see the rest of the photos here.

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