February 1, 2013

Irish electronic wonderkid Jack Colleran, better known as MMOTHS, is living an Internet fairytale. It goes something like this: Intuitively talented producer downloads demo of Ableton Live, creates several tracks, uploads them to Soundcloud, becomes wildly popular. His upcoming EP, Diaries, which comes out March 5th, is already receiving notable amounts of Internet anticipation.  Predictably, he also has simply excellent taste in music. Below, he’s been kind enough to share with us his favorite tracks of the moment, complete with commentary.

Keep a close eye on these guys. Two of the best producers coming out of Ireland at the moment.

Love how slow-moving and minimal this track is. Perfect.

Played this out at just after the countdown on New Years. Really feel good track.

There’s a couple of nice reworks of the new Ultraista tracks, but this is definitely my favorite.

This was the first track which introduced me to Jaar’s work.

Mount Kimbie’s production works perfectly with Audreya’s beautiful vocals.

THE track of last summer.

Love both these guys. This remix is superb.

Secret favourite.

Amazing remix by James Blake, of a classic, under his alter ego Harmonimix.

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