November 21, 2012

It’s never much fun to interview for a job you really want, only to see someone else get the position. It must be even worse, though, to essentially interview for the same job for six years, and then find out that literally dozens of millions of people don’t want you to have it. So it’s hard for anyone, aside from a few surviving few, to say they can truly empathize with how former presidential candidate Mitt Romney must be feeling after his resounding defeat to President Obama a few weeks back, or that they know what Romney should do to get himself out of those post-election doldrums.

He does seem to have one idea: Heading to Disneyland, the go-to destination for sad families looking to become happy ones. BuzzFeed compiled a bunch of photos taken of the former everything at the Happiest Place on Earth, doling out handshakes, enjoying the rides, and apparently basking in the applause people are willing to give him for fighting the good fight of repealing health care and abortion rights. These photos are kind of glum, right? Like Romney wants to cheer himself up but really he’d rather sink into an armchair, dip his fist into a bucket filled with nacho cheese, and watch a marathon of Big Love until the pain subsists. Again: former presidential candidate. Sweet words.

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