Miss Velvet + Pnau Cut Through the Ghostly Fog In ‘Cincinnati Street’ Video


Miss Velvet + Pnau Cut Through the Ghostly Fog In ‘Cincinnati Street’ Video


There was a heavy fog rolling in early in the morning in Montauk, and Miss Velvet wanted to investigate.

“I went down to the beach to see what it felt like to get enveloped in such a thick fog and the sea spray,” she says. “It had this magical, exotic allure to it and it felt like the fog was holding me as I walked down the beach. I couldn’t even see past my foot steps… I was in such a white noise of a bubble. It felt surreal, euphoric even.”

The feeling of the elements at play inspired the concept for her video for the Pnau remix of her song “Cincinnati Street.”

She grabbed three outfits, and asked her mother, a documentary film director who was visiting at the time, to film her, using only an iPhone, doing expressive dance moves.

“It was completely in the moment. I just danced as it came to me, leaping and twirling around in the sand where I could hear the lyrics of the song as I got swallowed up in the fog. Soon after, I saw the full shape of the music video, and directed the whole thing, featuring three forms of myself, of Miss Velvet.”

The distinct personas will be evident in the clip, broken up into three panels as it is, but there’s more symbolism involved than you might expect from a seemingly impulsive video shoot.

“The first is the billowing pants. The second is the baby blue two ensemble my late grandmother had sewn for my mother as a teenager as I feel my grandma in all that I do, especially when I am singing. And the third is an all-black interpretation of a Spanish-esque bride. For me, these three versions of myself represent the wild child, the light child and the dark child. The result is a play on dark versus light, good versus bad.”

That dark versus light battle comes into play in the theme of the song as well, she says. “The song has this free feeling — a wild psychedelic trip — where the lyrics and the pacing had to match with the reality vs. fantasy of this make believe street where illusion and darkness struggle and play out, full of haunting dreams, drugs and shattered past relationships.”

The remix of the song, which streamlines and shines up the almost 60’s loung + kraut-rock original, was done by Nick Littlemore (of Empire of the Sun) and Peter Mayes, who make up the electronic duo Pnau. “Pnau was the absolute perfect group to remix the track because their tracks and career are marked with this journey of wild sounds and color that I’ve always admired,” she says.

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