Menswear Dog Is Your Tumblr of the Week

The only thing more frivolous than fashion (just kidding, this entire magazine) is looking at pictures of pets online, so why not combine the two, because if the internet has taught us anything, it’s that one thing inside of another thing makes a whole other, new thing. Case in point, Menswear Dog, which isn’t, as I was hoping, a C-list ’90s Britpop-themed dog remix site, but instead a series of pictures of dogs dressed to the nines. You might say, ahem, the K-9s. LOL *face melts off in a river of liquid flesh and blood*

As GQ points out, GQly:

The title says it all—dogs styled in some serious menswear looks. And we’re not talking about some twee doggy costumes you’d find at your local pet shop. On the blog you’ll find everything from Ralph Lauren knit ties to Gant Rugger oxford shirts layered to perfection on some choice pooches. Seriously, this pup has more style than some of our two-legged friends.

The site has only just gotten up and running, but it’s already pulled in over 100k views. Of course it has. Here, take a few more, you earned it.

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