Meet Young Teddy Perweiler: Owner of the New Happy Ending Restaurant


Meet Young Teddy Perweiler: Owner of the New Happy Ending Restaurant


Happy Ending is back!

The former Chinatown massage parlor-cum-2000s disco has been redesigned and reconcepted by the team behind Cafe Select. The new bi-level space features a 50-seat ground floor dining room and basement lounge. In the kitchen, Michelin-star French chef Francis Gabarrus is cranking out French-Asian chow. Upstairs looks like an artist’s vision of the best hotel bar in the coolest European city. The lounge is more dive-y, but with Slushie-blue banquets and classic modernist seating.

The overall space is about twice the size of Select. So principals Olivier Stumm and Domie Clausen joined up with some young blood to fill out the team: Manhattan-born buddies Teddy Perweiler and Max Levai, both in their mid-20s.

We spoke to Young Teddy last night and emailed him some questions earlier today.

How did you start in the biz?

I cut my teeth pretty early on, before I was, more or less, cognizant of the direction I was heading in…think I began my career at Beatrice and Salon, the very first places I frequented when I first started to experience New York nightlife, at 15-16 years old. I would later end up working for the same people I met when I was a pimple faced, awkward, Neanderthal of a teenager. Carlos Quirarte gave me my first gig throwing parties, and shortly thereafter, I connected with Matt Abramcyk whom I worked with for several years.

What’s your goal with Happy Ending? 

I would rather have people intrigued by their uncertainty of what and where they just spent their evening, then to fall in love at first sight; that means our “goal” is being met.

Tell us what your biggest fears are.

How much time you got?

Who designed the space and how did you get involved?

Well I would say, from beginning to end, this has been a large group effort; in regards to design– all ideas were mediated and spearheaded by our partner, Dominique Clausen. His sensibility is nothing short of stellar.

Long story but, Max Levai and myself, had been searching for space for a little under a year before we linked with Oliver Stumm and Domie Clausen. The rest is history baby…