Meet vōx, L.A.’s Experimental Pop Artist


Meet vōx, L.A.’s Experimental Pop Artist


Photography: Carly Foulkes

Most people know vōx from her haunting Kendrick Lamar cover, but it’s her new EP, I Was Born, that has real staying power. Dark and romantic yet undeniably catchy, the record fuses the singer’s pop sensibility with something deeper, more enchanting. Drawing previous comparisons to indie-pop darlings, Lorde and Banks, on I Was Born, vōx sets herself apart. Through soaring hooks and chill-inducing harmonies, the singer delves deep into the corners of her own psyche, exploring anxiety, depression and the healing power of art. Part pop, part ANOHNI, I Was Born is more than just a good debut for the L.A.-based artist. With stunning vocals and even better lyrics, it’s a spiritual experience.

Listen to the BULLETT premiere of I Was Born, and get to know vōx, below.

Name: vōx

Occupation: Musician

Instagram: @itsmevox

On her sound: vōx means voice in Latin—my sound is very vocal heavy. I love layered harmonies and vocoder. Hip-hop is also a huge inspiration for the drums and the beats that I am drawn to.

On the EP: I Was Born is the story of personal rebirth. It’s naked; it’s vulnerable—leaving your past behind to serve a bigger purpose can be painful or lonely. But the most powerful thing you can do is change.

On her lyrics: I wanted to start at the core of myself—the EP touches on my anxiety and self-doubt, the ways I’ve changed and how I’ve found my power. […] I like if you’re uncomfortable—that means it’s really affecting you.

On her purpose: My ultimate goal is to give back—I want to share the power I’ve found through expression. When I was a teenager, music was honestly the only healing thing for me. I was deeply depressed, even to the point of thinking about suicide, but the music I was listening to gave me hope. So if I can give even one person hope through my art, then I’ve really truly succeeded.

See vōx with BOSCO in LA on May 6, and in NYC on June 1. Buy tickets, here and here