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Meet Torie Zalben, the David Lynch Foundation’s Resident Filmmaker

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Meet Torie Zalben, the David Lynch Foundation’s Resident Filmmaker


My name is Torie Zalben. I work at the David Lynch Foundation where I produce and direct video content for the online YouTube channel DLF.TV. This incredible foundation provides the tool of TM to the homeless, veterans, prisoners, at risk women and youth, Quiet Time programs for students, and worldwide outreach.  They are changing humanity and the world one meditator at a time with the utmost attention towards every individual. I admire the work they continue to provide and feel so fortunate to be part of something that has such a global impact on the consciousness of the population.

Currently the fifth annual benefit Change Begins Within is taking place this December 3rd. Co-hosts include David Lynch and Jerry Seinfield with honorees including Hugh Jackman, Debora-Lee Jackman and New York Fire Department Commissioner Salvatore Cassano. This event highlights the transformational work of the foundation and gathers influential individuals to help support their various causes.  I am so inspired the foundation’s founder Bob Roth as he has always encouraged me to think outside of the box and utilize my talents to benefit the foundation and beyond.

Recent screenings of the documentary entitled Meditation Creativity Peace in alternative venues, indie theaters and music & arts festivals, the message of providing consciousness-based education and world peace with the 70 minute documentary film that follows David Lynch on a 16 country tour where he discusses his films, artistic process and the tool of transcendental meditation.  I am looking how to get as many eyes as possible watching this doc with the hopes of inspiring viewers to learn this meditative technique.

My primary focus is documenting artists and their meditative practices as inspired by the use of Transcendental meditation in my own creative process as a video artist and filmmaker.  I champion for the next generation of creatives to utilize this meditative tool. It is my belief that TM meditation can enable my peers towards spiritual advancement in this lifetime for future generations.

Additionally, I create video content for Manimal Group’s ManimalTV (their online YouTube channel that displays art, music and culture). Working with Manimal enables me to reach out to a variety of artists and create video content that introduces altered states of reality.

I believe art has the power to transform, and combined with meditative practices, I cannot begin to touch upon the change that can impact the world.  I encourage readers to visit David Lynch Foundation Television and ManimalTV for past, present and future videos with the aim of inspiring creatives to introduce meditative states in their works and personal practice.

Recent videos include profile features on:

Aaron Axelrod

Brian Butler

And Maninal TV’s episode featuring Guy Blakeslee

…Soon to be released DLF.TV profiles on:

Galen Pehrson

Torie Zalben