Meet the Model With the Longest Legs in America


Meet the Model With the Longest Legs in America


Producer: Jake Freeman
Photography: Will Foster
Styling: Amber Wavvves

What do you get when a 20-year-old student/model with the longest legs in America sits down to chat with a comedian that has the tallest hair in America? First off, one of them actually holds a record and the other one is lying about holding one.

Holly Burt, the six-foot-five beauty, currently holds the record with her 49-½-inch legs that have naturally caught the attention of several major global news outlets, especially in the last week. The blonde bombshell chats with me about her recent media attention and how she combats airplane seating. (We also talk some smack about Florida because nothing’s more fun than that).

We’re a match made in heaven because, although I don’t hold any records, I also have really long legs. We should break a record by being the first people to French braid their legs together.

“The only way we can make this possible is if we’re lying down. So fuck whatcha heard, I’m being the little spoon.”

On a scale of 1 to Yes, I’ve Been Told That By Every Fucking Person I’ve Spoken a Word To, how annoyed do you get when someone comes up to you and says, “You have really long legs!”? 

“If they don’t back up that shit with a compliment, that’s when things get real ugly.”

As someone who is cut from the same long-legged cloth as you, I constantly come across burdens like  airplane and theater seating. How do you cope with them?

“For one, I hate movie theaters; they have always haunted me, especially when I was younger because that’s where all the teeny boppers gather. Why do I hate teeny boppers? They don’t know how to filter their loud obvious comments about my height. Sigh. As far as airplane seating goes, have you ever heard of the exit row? That shit is a blessing.”


Does shaving your legs take so long, you have to set up an automated “I’m Away” response on your email?

“I definitely need an automated message for the month of November. #NoShaveNoShame.”

Have you ever considered a career as a professional inflatable arm-flailing tube figure that they have at carnivals and car dealerships?

“Feed me a couple drinks and I’ll make that shit a profession.”

I was always called lanky in school and often got made fun of it. Now I’m a comedian. Did people joke about your long legs growing up?

“With the amount of shit I’ve gotten in the last 20 years, I could probably build a gigantic shit castle (equipped with a mote, 20 villages, steam room and an Olympic swimming pool). When I was a teeny bopper and just wanted to fit in, have a boyfriend and grow boobs, I took some of the mean comments to the heart. Now that I love being tall and embrace it, I really don’t give a fuck what anybody has to say about me.

Last week somebody snapped a picture of me on the subway (with the flash and sound on) and as a form of entertainment, I publicly embarrassed her. At the end of my rant, her body language resembled an embarrassed dog who just peed on its owner’s carpet. It was liberating to say the least.”


I’ve come to embrace my height and figure now as an adult. Do you think growing up has given you a newfound appreciation for your figure?

“I can’t agree with this question enough. Comparing my 13-year-old self to now is a huge difference. Moving to NYC was definitely a confidence booster. Since I came from Florida—home of the fucking weirdos—a lot of my old peers who used to make mean comments directed towards me are still in Florida, you know, being ratchet and having babies with their second cousins. So it warms my heart knowing I’m out here trying to make something of myself.”

Do you or have you done sports? I’m sure every soccer player in the world is envious of you.

“Funny because I actually played soccer for 9 years. I also played basketball for 7 years, but I was never good. Now, I’m just trying to focus on my professional career as a miniature golf player.”

I assume you’re also the person who gets asked to get stuff from high places for other people. Should we start charging them for this?

“Always. I should really start charging for that, as well as anybody who takes a picture of me because usually the pictures are taken without me knowing—bitches.”

I feel like you’re an important figure to have in the modeling world; so many people would (this is a terrible pun and I’m sorry I have a pun-making disorder) look up to you. Not just because you’re beautiful, but because you represent the idea that being who you are is and always will be, enough. Would you ever pursue more modeling?

“Thank you—with all the exposure I’ve had in the last week a lot of modeling opportunities have come up. I don’t see myself walking in NYFW or anything crazy like that. I do see myself at a specialized agency specializing in parts, which my specialized “part” are my legs. There are certain types of ads or campaigns that always need a leggy model. HOLLA.

(Pun warning) What long-term goals would you like to see achieved in the long-run?

“My Long-term goal is really establishing myself as a brand. The demographic for my ‘brand’ would be all the tall girls who think being tall is lame and slouch to fit in because that’s lame. Hopefully I can send some type of message through their brain, stating tall is sexy; tall is fun; tall is in.”