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Meet the Artist Behind Instagram’s ‘Never-Ending Mood Board’

Art & Design

Meet the Artist Behind Instagram’s ‘Never-Ending Mood Board’


Pierre Marchal is the 27-year-old artist and creative director behind Instagram’s “never-ending mood board” account, JPPM. What began in 2014 as a way to synthesize and organize daily inspiration quickly grew to a following of more than 10,000 and a collaboration with names, like Tinashe and i-D.

“It essentially makes sense of what I am,” he told BULLETT. “Every time you open Instagram the saturation of images is intoxicating, like a crazy blast of energy popping up. Bored of having a folder full of screenshots on my computer, I decided to create the never-ending mood board in order to return to, not selfies, but inspiration sharing.”

#limitededition THE THINLEYS PART by @jamie.hawkesworth + @jonathan.anderson for @_manabouttownuk

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More recently, Marchal created a digital museum for the 31st annual Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography—an exhibition composed of 12 different “rooms” that could be exclusively viewed through Instagram. Each room payed homage to a different artist and their personal inspirations that Marchal uncovered through a series of Interviews.

“I tried to make it very personal,” he told Vogue a few weeks prior. “For example [painter] Gill Button told me she’s very inspired by this tiny town in the South of England, so in her room I put a huge window with a view of the sea.”

The other rooms include mood boards created for Matt Lambert, Shae Detar, Ines Longevial and more.

There are no rules in regard what is or isn’t included, he said, only a focus on personal feelings and keeping a young perspective: “I try to keep with JPPM a prospective eye on young designers,” he said. “They are pure energy and that’s exactly what fashion needs to be balanced and relevant.”

The young designers he’s referring to vary from Parsons grad Ethan Hon, CSM’s Richard Quinn and recent LVMH winner Wales Bonner. But after speaking with Marchal, it seems as though he finds inspiration from almost anything around him.

“I think digitally,” he said. “I organize subcultures and inspiration into a limitless puzzle. Tell me what you’re looking at and we will tell you who you are.”

Explore more of Marchal’s work, here.