Meet Rising Parsons Grad, Vasilis Loizides


Meet Rising Parsons Grad, Vasilis Loizides


Photography: Hiu Zhi Wei
Styling: Ian Milan
Make-up: Kirti Tewani
Models: Ali Von Ndiaye (Boss Models NY) & Marcel Pawlas (Anti-Agency UK)

Raised on the small Mediterranean island Cyprus, rising Parsons Grad Vasilis Loizides naturally contributes a fresh perspective to New York fashion. With a slew of experience at prized fashion houses like Marchesa and Marc by Marc Jacobs, the 23-year-old menswear designer is incredibly informed, yet fantastically fearless. His personal aesthetic is marked by a tendency toward more playful color palettes and experimental fabrics—a bold recipe that pervades his extraterrestrial graduate collection, “1991.”

Loizides said he spent hours leafing through comics before creating “1991,” pulling inspiration from the books’ campy, space-age graphics. The full collection tells the story of a young astronaut’s journey through galaxies, offering a narrative that reflects the clothes’ dynamic, sci-fi edge. Shirts are finished with bright stars, collars are trimmed with silver and coats are detailed with mesh. It’s a starry lineup of menswear that acknowledges the past—think “The Jetsons”—while still looking to the future of fashion.

We caught up with the up-and-coming designer to talk about his experience in the army, challenges he faced while making “1991” and interning for Nicola Formichetti.



Vasilis Loizides

Bring me through your introduction to fashion.

“This might sound ironic, but I really started to consider pursuing a career in fashion when i was in the army. I come from a country where it’s mandatory to serve in the military forces. It was a tough time especially, since it takes two years. However, I remember myself finding relief in fashion magazines. They have always helped me escape and I believe it is that escapism that led me to love fashion so much. It was the first trigger, for sure.”

Your graduate collection is called, “1991.” Why? 

“The collection narrates the story of an astronaut traveling through galaxies. It’s a journey that started in 1991—the year I was born. It’s basically a parallel story of my lifetime translated into a space tale. Each look is an incident; I played a lot with names of people and places or dates that have influenced my psyche and changed the letters in order to come up with names of spaceships and planets.”

How did this collection challenge you?

“This collection was challenging in a technical way—all the screen-printing and laser-cutting was done by me, obviously, and they were both techniques that I haven’t practiced before. I had to teach myself. We had a whole year to develop this collection, which is a double-edged sword. Even though you have plenty of time to work on the project, you need to be really invested on your concept in order to not get bored of it and stay motivated. I actually changed my whole thesis in the second semester; I completely changed everything in January, which meant I had to catch up with everyone else.”

What is the “Vasilis Loizides” stamp?

“I feel that my work always ends up being humorous and playful. I’ve actually recently noticed that even all my previous work even has a narrative meaning. Regarding my aesthetics, I always use bright colors and shiny stuff.”

How have past internships influenced your work?

“My internships have majorly affected my work. I’ve interned at Marchesa, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Nicopanda. All of the internships have influenced me and it’s obvious when someone sees the collection I was developing when I was working at each place. My latest internship was at Nicola Formichetti’s Nicopanda and I think there is definitely a bit of a club-kid in ‘1991.’”

See the full “1991” lookbook, here.