Fall 2012

Meet Primetime TV’s Newest Heartbreakers

Fall 2012

Meet Primetime TV’s Newest Heartbreakers


Oliver Queen, aka The Green Arrow, on The CW’s Arrow: “I judge a woman purely on how she looks first thing in the morning. That’s the critical point, right?”

Vincent Koslow on The CW’s Beauty and the Beast: “In terms of looking, it’s the eyes. But in terms of touching… I’m really into legs.”

Jeremy Gilbert on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries: “If a girl doesn’t get along with my dog, then we’ve got a problem. Actually, I did date someone who was allergic to dogs. She went through a lot of Claritin.”

Stiles Stilinski on MTV’s Teen Wolf; Dave Hodgman in Jon Kasdan’s coming-of-age film, The First Time” “One time I stood outside of a girl’s house with a rose in my mouth—like, between my teeth. She just rolled her eyes and laughed.”

Mike Chang on Fox’s Glee: “I remember the first time I got my heart broken. It felt like I’d been stabbed in the throat. The only things that got me through it were friends and time. And heavy drinking.”

Caleb Rivers on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars “I enjoy a certain amount of decadence in my life, so I want to be with someone who shares an appreciation for the finer things. And if that finer thing happens to be fried, well, put it in your mouth.”

Dr. Will Collins on The CW’s Emily Owens, M.D.: “My first kiss happened outside of a convenience store with this really aggressive woman who was three years older than I was and smelled like cigarettes. It’s all been uphill from there.”

Lt. Kelly Severide on NBC’s Chicago Fire: “I always wanted to hook up with Peggy Bundy [from TV’s Married… with Children]. I couldn’t understand why Al never wanted to sleep with her.”

Tyler Lockwood on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries: “I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always had a thing for brunettes. If you’re a brunette and you have bangs, I’m in.”

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