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Meet Brittney Scott, the Accidental Artist

Art & Design

Meet Brittney Scott, the Accidental Artist

Jasmine Safaeian

Brittney Scott doesn’t believe she’s an artist, but is gradually learning to settle into that role. You might recognize the California native as the host of Deep Thots, an interview series on VICE’s electronic music arm, Thump. But as a member of the internet multimedia collective Yung Klout Gang, led by Bay Area electro-vixen Chippy Nonstop, Scott was in search of another creative outlet. One fateful day, Scott grew tired of her Twitter avatar, so she doodled a pouty, neon pink face with a messy black bun using an app on her phone. Suddenly, Scott’s circle of friends began hitting her up for their own doodled avatars. Some of those friends including noteworthy names like A-Trak, Kreayshawn, Chromeo, and Martin Solveig. Now branded as B6, Brittney Scott has transcended her paint program and moved onto stickers, merch, and even graffiti. She’s currently working out the details for her first solo art gallery show, and her art popped up in Martin Solveig’s “Blow” video with Laidback Luke. It’s a fast-paced cycle of demand and supply right now for Scott, but she was able to take a moment to discuss her dream art projects, her aspiring career as a DJ, and her desire to continue living without any titles.

You’re part of Yung Klout Gang. Can you explain what that is?
It’s just our group of friends, me and seven other kids. Originally, it was just the seven others because they all lived in the Bay Area. Demien, Jazper, Bradley, Franko, Erin, Chippy, Lina, and I became friends with all of them online and then somehow I just became incorporated. We were all in the same mindset, and it wasn’t even supposed to be this like “gang” type of deal, but we just closed it off to anybody being involved in our gang. Now we’re all spread out: there’s people in the Bay, people in New York, and us in L.A. I think we’re all just really similar minded as far as being like really chill and based and progressive in the way we think. It was just a title for us, but now we’re turning it into a brand. Chippy and I are going to see if we can make it a culture hub, get a site going and maybe make it like a Buzzfeed. The biggest things that brought us all together are the internet and EDM. It’s also the digital era; half of us are journalists, all of us like to party, all of us make some sort of artwork.

How did the art thing happen for you?
I wasn’t even trying to pursue being an artist, and my drawing people sort of went viral. So I just kept doing it, and then people kept asking me to produce things and now they’re asking me to do an art show. People have commissioned me to do pieces. I’m just going with it. I’ve never really titled myself as anything. I find it weird. Who am I? Who am I to say that I’m an artist? I don’t know.

You really just got sick of your avatar and started fucking around and made a drawing of yourself?
Yeah, it’s just like an app on my phone. I just drew myself one day. I literally did it out of boredom. I was on tour with my boyfriend, and I would do that on the road, draw my friends and stuff. Then it kind of caught on. So I’ve been drawing people ever since.

Who was the first person to say “Ooh draw me!”?
At first I did them for all my friends. My ex-boyfriend is a well-known DJ, so he had his up for a couple of days. His fans were like, “Ooh where’d you get that? I want that!” All of Yung Klout Gang had them, so our fans wanted them. It wasn’t really a matter of who wanted them; it was just the amount of people. ATrak had his up for a long time and Jillionaire from Major Lazer. It’s been mostly DJs using them, which is tight.

How do you decide how to paint people?
I just have people email me a selfie, and I draw it based on whatever they give me. Some people will come and ask for a specific color for their face. Most of the time I pick the hue of the face based on the color scheme of the photo.

Have you done any art in the past?
Nope, I’ve never done any other art on that platform. I was always just into music. I’ve always been good with my hands or whatever, but I never thought of this as being anything. Now it’s taken me here.

It’s offline too. You’re doing graffiti and stuff.
Yup, I’ve been doing that almost as long as I’ve been drawing people. I use my main sad girl avi. I did it in New York when I was travelling; I did it in Canada. People are seeing it now online, but then connecting it to seeing it on the streets. It’s just tight.

Were you like “What the hell is going on?” when your popularity grew?
Even now, I’m like, This is so weird. People are reaching out to me saying they’ve seen the B6 in the streets and stuff. It’s crazy how far this expanded, and how many people see it and recognize it and know what it is. I’m putting together a show and hopefully I can put together more shows. I’ve always been really interested in branding things, the way marketing works and stuff. Just seeing this evolve into something marketable is so tight.

What kind of music do you like?
I love Pop music. I love Miley and I love Rihanna. I’m obsessed with EDM. Also, I love Rap. I love Drake. Drake is my number one.

Would you make his avatar as one big eyebrow with a single tear?
STOP!! Oh my God I’ve wanted to draw Drake, but he’d be so hard to draw. I’ve drawn a couple versions of ATrak, and the first one I drew he had his unibrow. I sent it to him and he was NOT about that.

You should send Drake one!
Oh my God I would die. I drew Rihanna, and I never did anything with it. I’ve never thought about pursuing the art to reach out to people. I could though!

So what do you plan on doing next?
I kind of see this as this temporary endeavor. I’ll just consider myself an artist for now. However long this escapade lasts, I’ll just go with it. I want to eventually DJ for a little bit. I want to produce and DJ.