Meet Ammerman Schlosberg, the Luxury LOL-itas of Fashion


Meet Ammerman Schlosberg, the Luxury LOL-itas of Fashion


Designers Ammerman Schlosberg live by one, three-letter rule: L-O-L.  “If I have to live in this reality matrix, I would rather be LOL’ing,” says Elizabeth Ammerman, one half of the New York City design duo. With just two seasons under their (probably latex garter) belts, the young designers—25-year-old Parsons graduate Eric Schlosberg, and Ammerman, a 23-year-old alumna of Pratt—are about to hit the big time as the luxury LOL-itas of the fashion world.

Last Wednesday, the pair debuted their “Alice in Wonderland meets The Matrix”-inspired sophomore collection at New York Fashion Week as one of three chosen winners of the “VFiles Made Fashion” contest. A little over a week later, and the collection has already been pulled for celebrity appearances, and was recently shot by Vogue Italia and Purple. Not bad considering they both still work 9-5 jobs and don’t even have a showroom.

In person, the self-described “sisters who spend way too much time together” are human personifications of the clothes they create: entertaining, freakishly cool, and sweet but not too sweet. We visited the two in Liz’s Voodoo-Barbie apartment where we shot some photos and talked about the importance of bare butts, cute sluts, and failing out of art school.

First off, congratulations on your phenomenal collection! It’s one of the most beautiful I’ve seen all week. What’s life like post-NYFW mania?
Thank you so much! Liz and I are both totally suffering from postpartum depression. It’s like we just birthed a baby and now we’re like, “Oh my God, it’s done? What do we do!” We’re kind of in this state of shock and overwhelm — it feels so good to be finished, but there’s also this feeling of “Now what?”

Can you talk about reporting on and posting the entirety of your collection? That’s a huge deal.
We can’t get over it. Some designers work for literally 15 years before they make their first season on It’s just crazy to me that we’re on it; I still can’t believe it’s really there.

So how did you two meet and team up?
We used to work at this boutique called Seven New York. We were sales people there and just hit it off.
Eric: We became very close friends really quickly. I had already graduated from Parsons a year and a half before and I was saying to Liz, “You’re done with school — why don’t we put together a line of our own?” So as soon as she graduated we got on it and it evolved into this.

Liz, you went to Pratt and Eric went to Parsons. What were each of your experiences like?
I majored in fashion design. It’s a good school. Really small, private art school.
Eric: I went for fashion design as well and hated it. I failed out of fashion design in the first year and picked up fine art instead.

Wait… you flunked out of fashion school?
Yeah. There are a thousand ways to do the same thing the quickest and most efficient way, but if you don’t do it the Parsons way, they don’t really like you. The project I failed on was making a mens blazer, which is like, so boring already. Everyone used wool suiting, but I used pig intestine because if you hold it up to light, it completely shines through and you can see the veins and stuff. They failed me for it.

Sounds like you were too cool for Parsons.
I agree! [laughs]

How did the process of creating this collection compare to your debut last season?
Liz: Collaboration-wise, it was completely different from the last one. We were like, so chill this season. Last season I was on Adderall everyday, all day, and we kind of hated each other at the end of it.
Eric: Aesthetically speaking, the collection’s really elevated. Last season was a good indication of who we are as designers, and this season is totally stepped-up.
Liz: Since [Vfiles provided] the production and everything, it’s like our dreams came true as far as what we wanted it to look like. It still has that element of cosplay and LOL and fantasy and magic.

What was on your radar when conceptualizing this last collection?
For me, what set it off was I’m reading this David Icke book called Children of The Matrix. Icke recommended watching The Matrix and I’ve been totally obsessed with it ever since. You can see reptilian stuff in our new collection. It’s crazy.
Eric: I hate The Matrix, as far as plot and script is concerned. Also, 99.9 percent of the time I’m too high to follow anything, but visually, I love it. I tried so hard to watch it with volume on four different times for the sake of this collection, but just can’t get into the script at all. I put it on mute, put on Ciara’s Body Party, cleaned the apartment and watched the movie.

Describe the ideal Ammerman girl. What was she like in high school?
In high school I bet she was a confident, cooler Romy and Michele. She doesn’t care, is kind of uncompromising, and wears whatever she feels.  It doesn’t matter if everyone teases her and she has no friends, she spends all her time in the art room anyway.
Liz: Taylor Momsen would look so cute in our collection.

Oh my god, yes. Manic pixie nightmare girl.
I’m obsessed with her. She looks like she has issues! It’s the Ammerman Schlosberg girl — she may have self-esteem issues but she’s definitely confident in a weird way. She’s not afraid to be slutty.

What is your most overused word?
In text, “LOL”. Spoken, “cute”.

Yeah, I’ve noticed “LOL” is everywhere in your branding. Why?
We text all day and all night, all the time.
Liz: We’re basically married.
Eric: I would say 80 percent of the text messages are just “Lol”, “Lolol” or “lololololol”.

Makes sense! Your clothes are humorous — not in a loud obnoxious way, but in a more subtle, tasteful jest.
We like our clothes to be a little bit of a joke, like a ‘Ha Ha’ thing — because that’s how we dress. We like humor in what we wear. Liz and I use LOL so often that it has actually become a bad habit. We’re basically two valley girls who grew up.

What was the initial reaction, do you think, of your collection?
Eric: We sent one coat down the runway that’s this amazing plastic crocodile trench coat. The entire back is cut open and [the model] wasn’t wearing any underwear, so you could totally see her ass. From where I could see, the mouths dropped. It was really funny.

What kind of clothes were you wearing like, three years ago today?
My outfit has not changed since the 10th grade. I wear chunky boots, shorts, old Marilyn Manson t-shirts, black hoodie — very basic.
Liz: I don’t know, three years ago today was a dark time for me [laughs]. It was my lesbian phase. I would dress like I was in a gutter. Really dark.

What do you love about New York? Or do you even like New York?
As much as I bitch about it — especially the Williamsburg crowd — I really love it. It feels like I’m supposed to be here; it’s like a weird energy or something.
Eric: I feel the same way, actually. I bitch about it all the time, but I really like New York. I feel like New York City’s where it’s at if you want to fit in, or don’t want to fit in. It’s the perfect place to just be.

What sort of direction do you see Ammerman Schlosberg taking for the next collection?
I know that Eric is chomping at the bit to wear Ammerman Schlosberg.
Eric: I don’t think it’s fair that Liz gets to wear everything after the show and I never have anything cute! I think we’re gonna throw a little bit of menswear into the next season.

No way! What would the Ammerman boy wear?
Eric: An avocado-green and orange babydoll dress completely made out of mink. Something outrageous that I would totally fucking wear. I’m like melting right now even thinking about that outfit. That just made me so horny.