Bradley Soileau Gets to Know LOUDPVCK & Their Trap Sound


Bradley Soileau Gets to Know LOUDPVCK & Their Trap Sound


From the depths of a kitchen, in a hood near you, drug dealers are cookin’ up crack. In a studio in Los Angeles and a studio in Boston, KennyBeats and Ryan Marks a.k.a. Loudpvck are cooking up musical crack. They produce a new genre of music by the name of “Trap.” You may have heard earlier versions of it from Pimp C, T.I., or Three 6 Mafia. Producer Lex Luger somewhat honed the sound and modernized it, so to speak, and then a new wave of DJ/producers brought about EDM Trap. Loupvck are at the forefront of this sound along with artists like Flosstradamus, Baauer, & UZ.  They’ve recently released a mixtape called “Re-Up” on Let’s get to know these guys a little bit.

What’s up dudes, how’s shit going?  What’s been going on?
Ryan: Everything is great, we’ve been working on music nonstop the past two weeks; last week it was finishing up a remix and this week has been about finalizing and sequencing our forthcoming mixtape.
KennyBeats: Trying to play as many shows as possible and do a beat a day. I’m finishing my last semester at Berklee right now, psyched to get done.

What’re the latest tracks you’ve dropped?
Our latest was an official remix of “Retro City” by Adventure Club and our mixtape “RE-UP” drops this Thursday on

How’s the reception been?
It seems to be really good, it’s our biggest song yet in terms of Soundcloud traffic and it hit #3 on Hype Machine.
K: The more music we put out the more distinct our fan base is becoming, from the messages and comments we get they are pretty turnt up!

How’s the reception from the industry?
Also seems to be really good, it’s received tons of blog appreciation and a lot of excellent DJs I know have been playing it out.
K: I’ve been really impressed by how fast some of our peers in the genre have picked up on what we are putting out. Having people like Baauer and UZ feature us in mixes was definitely a huge compliment.

So a lot of people haven’t heard of trap, it’s brand new, and confuses a lot of people with what dubstep sounds like, minus the dying animal sounds. Can you guys explain to the people who have no idea?
Trap is stylistically based around really hard TR-808 drums with really creepy standalone synths running on top of them. I’m noticing more hardstyle and dutch house influence seems to be seeping into the trap scene recently. And specifically in our music we really try to have the same elements of tension and release heard in house and dubstep as well. We want our build ups and drops to have that special quality.

What does it feel like to be pioneers of a musical genre so to speak? You guys were one of the first producers in the trap wave, and I feel like you guys really perfected the sound that was being created.  When did it happen?
I don’t know about being pioneers or anything like that, but I think from the moment we started this project we both knew there was something special about it. The kind of records we get to work on every day are very exciting and with every song we do right now I feel like we have the potential to cross some boundary and make something truly unique.
K: I had already been hearing Baauer and Flosstradamus records before I started making anything I considered to be in this new “trap” wave. I have to tip my hat to people like them and UZ for being the forefathers of whatever you want to call this sound. On the other hand, once I was exposed to these tracks it was apparent that there was definitely an empty lane which Ryan and I could fill. The first LOUDPVCK tracks were made in August of this year as like an experiment, but I think we knew day one.

When did you guys meet?  When did you decide to create LOUDPVCK? I know you both do music as yourselves, when did the idea come about to team up?
We met at Berklee College of Music in 2009. We had made a lot of music together at school, but our tastes were much different then and it never really clicked. Ryan had moved backed to LA for a year, but we’d still play eachother everything we would make or listen to daily. When we heard these first couple “trap” records we felt that it could be a perfect medium for what we were both already doing independently. Ryan visited me last August, we made the first three LOUDPVCK songs in a weekend, and here we are.

Ryan. You make EDM, tell us about that.
I’ve always wanted to make big, exciting songs. I want to make people jump out of their seats. So I gravitated to producing all kinds of dance music; house, moombahton, dubstep, electro; and also top 40 pop and rap beats. Now I’m really trying to really blur the lines between all of it. With my solo EP Fiji that just came out on Party Like Us Records I went in a more ornate direction than we do with LOUDPVCK and it’s really a reflection of all of my crazy influences. Everything from UK bass to Dr. Luke.

Kenny, you make ill hip hop beats, tell us about that.
I’ve been doing rap beats incessantly since I was like 15. I always worked very closely with Cinematic Music Group since about age 17, specifically my brother Smoke Dza who has put me on 6 of his last 8 releases. I have a track out on his new project called “Diamond” featuring Ab-Soul. I did another record this year called “Party” by ScHoolBoy Q that I’m very proud of, can’t wait to work on more music with Q and Ab-Soul as soon as possible. Going back to making rap is almost therapeutic for me in between DJing and LOUDPVCK these days, keeps me balanced.

Together you formed like voltron, how do you guys feel you compliment each other musically?
We’ve made music together for a long time now so we have really good workflow and chemistry which is integral to strong collaboration, but I think the most important thing is that we have a very shared vision.
K: We really agree whole-heartedly about what works and what doesn’t in a song. When you trust each other 100% all thats left to
do is create.

Ryan, you’re in L.A., Kenny your in Boston, how do studio sessions work when you’re on opposites sides of the states?
We both make music all the time. So if I’m in LA working and it sounds like it’s turning into a LOUDPVCK song, I’ll do like half the beat and then send it to Kenny. He regularly does the same. We have sessions together in New York and Los Angeles as well.
K: Thank god for

Let’s play a little game of word association. I say a word, you say whatever comes to mind.
K: 808


9 milli
K: My Bank Account

K: New York

K: Denim

K: Teeth

Have you guys been djing a lot?
We’ve only played once show so far as LOUDPVCK which was in Montreal at Balroom.

Any shows coming up?
We’re playing next Friday at Fur Nightclub in DC.

What about videos? You plan on shooting any visuals for your tracks or is it just simply music-making for you guys?
We definitely plan to shoot a video for one of our recent releases in the next month or so. Cat Marnell is starring in it.

What’s your main goal with LOUDPVCK?  Do you guys want to be touring DJ/producers, or do you plan on working with artists?
Both. We want to play as many shows as we can in 2013 but also produce a lot more music. And if we can eventually take our production all the way to hip-hop and pop artists, why not?

Lastly, any shout outs, websites, or ways for people to stalk you?
@ryanmarkss /
K: @kennybeats /