Look at These Two Identical Beardo Strangers Who Met On a Plane WTF?


Look at These Two Identical Beardo Strangers Who Met On a Plane WTF?


People with beards get told we look like every other guy with a beard all the time. Frankly, it’s a little bit beardist and reductive if you want to know what I think. But to be honest, encountering a guy who looks a lot like you do is an almost every day occurrence for my whiskered compatriots, particularly if you live in a high per capita beard zone, and so, like cab drivers, when we do, we give the courtesy nod. Hey man. Yeah. I see you. I see you seeing me.

That said, this encounter between two identical beardo strangers who were sat next to each other on a Ryanair flight, in a photo that’s quickly gone viral, are the exception that proves the rule, because holy beard wax do these two look alike.

The Daily Mail (sorry) has the details, in short, and easily digestible one sentence paragraphs:


A bearded traveller met his doppelganger on a Ryanair flight after he discovered a stranger sat in his seat.

Neil Douglas was shocked to discover his identical twin, Robert Stirling, from London, on the flight from Stansted to Shannon Airport, County Clare, on Thursday evening.

Instead of asking the stranger to move the 32-year-old wedding photographer, from Glasgow, took a selfie and shared the image on Twitter.

The photograph, which has already been shared nearly 2,000 times, shows the two complete strangers looking strikingly similar due to their bushy ginger beards, smiles and hairstyles.

The pair, who were even wearing similar black tops, later realised they were booked into the same Irish hotel and enjoyed a pint together in a nearby pub.


Later that night, back at the hotel, they presumably fucked, as is standard procedure under Universal Clone-Encounter Law.