January 23, 2013

Vampire Weekend have a new album coming out in May, which is about all we know; there’s no cover art, track listing, and it’s definitely not called Lemon Sounds. (I mean, come on.) Because they’re VW, none of that stuff is that important; the announcement is enough to gin up a round of automatic excitement. But there is a new song called “Arms” we can listen to, posted to the band’s SoundCloud, that… sort of instructs where the album might be headed. Ezra Koenig still sounds like Ezra Koenig, and the percussion still sounds ripped from a college drumming circle. (In a good way!) The tricky part is that it was taken from a concert the band played in Sydney, which means the audio quality is roughly akin to someone using their iPhone to record an iPhone recording. Still! It’s a new song, and enough listens may bear fruit as to what to expect. The album is out on May 6. 

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