November 7, 2012

“Presidential tint, Michelle Obama / Frozen femurs in your freezer, Jeffrey Dahmer.” And so begins the most fitting tribute to President Obama’s re-election, and the chance to spend four more years with our awesome First Lady: “Michelle Obama,” a slightly gimmicky rap songby Kreayshawn affiliate Lil’ Debbie featuring RiFF RAFF. Released yesterday, it’s more than a little lucky that the hook didn’t have to be amended to accommodate Ann Romney, and that she had a newsworthy peg (y’know, the election) to attach the video to. The song itself? It’s fascinatingly terrible, not in the least because the opening lyrics are “I just wanna have some fun / Cyndi Lauper” and because Lil’ Debbie’s flow is dead-voiced Valley Girl, and because I seriously doubt she uses a landline to take Ryan Seacrest’s calls. But while we’re basking in the glow of an Obama victory, there isn’t any victory lap too decrepit to run. Run, run.

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