Let Mariah Carey’s Song for Obama Inspire You to New Heights

Whereas one Obama election victory song began with “Presidential tint / Michelle Obama,” Mariah Carey’s “Bring It On Home” opens with “We’re just everyday people / Trying to make it through the pain.” So, yes, it’s that type of inspirational song meant to inspire us toward all types of patriotic feelings, filled with melismatic runs and gospel harmonies on that big chorus. (There’s some vintage Mimi riffing at the end, and you can just imagine the hand gesticulations that must’ve accompanied the studio take.) It’s not the best song to sort of share the same name, but it’ll do the trick for our purposes. That purpose? To run around in a circle screaming “WHOOOOOO WE OUT HERE” while whipping an Obama flag around our heads. We really out here, indeed.