LED Boots & See-Through Backpacks: Ashish On His Playful Topshop Collab


LED Boots & See-Through Backpacks: Ashish On His Playful Topshop Collab


Every year we wait in anticipation for Topshop’s summer collection, and this year, the store partnered with London-based designer Ashish for yet another stunner collaboration. We loved the bacon and egg sweatshirt a few years back, but this year, LED boots, platform pool sliders, and transparent backpacks take Ashish’s collection to a new level. In addition to the light up pieces, the collection—titled “Beach, Please!”—features towel wraps and hoodies inscribed with Ashish’s dream hotel’s insignia as well as beach towels with slogans like “Do Not Disturb’” and “Service Please.” You can also fill in the blank on t-shirts (My name is ______. My room number is _____.). The collection hits stores on May 29, and in addition to the behind the scenes video below, we also asked Ashish a few questions about Paradise Hotel and his design philosophy.

What led you to hotels as a source of inspiration?
I love staying in nice hotels when I go on holiday. I had a fantasy of staying in the biggest suite, raiding the mini bar, ordering room service and wearing a towel and slippers while flicking through the trashy cable channels and relaxing on my private terrace. What could be more fun than that!

Is there a specific moment or experience that you thought about during the design process?
Yes, I imagined Goldie Hawn from Overboard if she had checked into a hotel. She is so camp and over the top in that movie.

What is one of the struggles you faced during the design process of this collection?
The LED pieces were tricky but so worth it. LEDs are expensive and complicated but there was no way we were going to give up on those shoes or bags.

In what ways do you think this collection differs from former collections?
It’s bigger than past collections and a lot more diverse! I’ve done sunglasses, bags, shoes, t-shirts, swimwear, clothes and even an eye mask.

What is the best part about Paradise Hotel?
Well obviously all the staff is beautiful and very friendly. It’s by the beach near the mountains in a quiet spot with a great infinity pool. They make the best cocktails and play great disco music at their nightly beach parties.

Who do you envision wearing the clothing?
I envisioned myself in the LED sliders and backpack and would need all the towels for my next beach holiday. The collection is very wearable and I can see practically anyone in pretty much everything.

In one or two sentences, how would you describe your design philosophy?
Do what you like and make sure you are happy with it.

Do you think any specific piece in this collection stands out from the rest?
The light up transparent rucksack. I have never seen anything like it before – and dreams don’t count.