LAZOSCHMIDL’s Spring ’17 Collection is ‘Dedicated to Sex Tourism’


LAZOSCHMIDL’s Spring ’17 Collection is ‘Dedicated to Sex Tourism’


First it was the art community, then fashion—both curiously embracing the erotic potential of fruits and vegetables, some drawing visual connections to the human anatomy, while others played with the potential of transforming phallic produce into accessories. For LAZOSCHMIDL, the Swedish brand that developed those literal Boyfriend Jeans, fruits and vegetables also served as central inspiration for their spring ’17 collection, presented this week in Stockholm.

Aptly titled, “Vegetable Desires,” designer duo Josef Lazo and Andreas Schmidl developed their latest lineup around an illustration printed on a food market shopping bag. “It triggered us to play with the ambiguity and visual appeal of fruits and vegetables in color, texture, but also [their] erotic connotations,” they said. Throughout the collection, colors appear in vintage, faded tones as a way to contrast expectedly perfect and juicy produce that’s available in stores. The resulting effect is almost “vulgar” or “rotten,” LAZOSCHMIDL said.

Garments were all designed to meet the needs of workwear and beachwear, featuring detachable cargo pants, hand-embellished souvenir tees and front-laced shirts. Using leopard spandex and metallic twill, LAZOSCHMIDL tapped into its queer aesthetic roots, creating fashion that’s “dedicated to sex tourism,” going from the beach to a gay resort’s bedroom—think “Fire Island in 2017,” they said.

But every party must come to an end, visually represented by the collection’s dragging weekender bags with elongated straps—so good. “One day, we were tired and Josef [Lazo] dragged his bag on the floor,” Schmidl said, explaining the season’s chief accessory. “I fell in love with the attitude and we made it a design. The bags are equipped with studs on one side, so they’re protected, but also create a scratchy sound. They kind of say, ‘The party is over.'”

For this collection’s release, LAZOSCHMIDL has also created a 32-page fanzine of photography by Andreas Karlsson, which is now available to buy online. See a first look at all the imagery, below: