February 14, 2013

People used to get mad about Lana Del Rey, didn’t they? For some, her version of cliched mystique femininity rang as regressive in a post-Wild Flag world while others could take the inside-the-lines gender roles with a grain of salt as they learned to love her moody excesses. A year later, Lana’s settled into being a normal part of the music landscape—she made a handful of scarce mentions in Pazz & Jop with nary a think piece to be found—which means videos like “Burning Desire” can drop without too much fuss. Which is funny, because it’s the most Lana Del Rey video yet, featuring the singer swaying against a red curtained backdrop while images of a high-speed Jaguar sports car flash in and out as she fades from color to black and white to color again. It literally is a Jaguar ad, which feels exactly right—the song isn’t bad, either, and it’s interesting to see how she’s repelled all the criticism and remained exactly the same singer she was when she took the SNL stage some months ago to give us this. Keep doing you.

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