January 8, 2013

Not sure how many different iterations of this bare-bones LA-style girl garage we’ve been through by now, and frankly, I didn’t think we were ready for another one so soon after whatever it was happened with that whole Best Coast thing, but the circle of genre life waits for no woman, so let’s get it back up for Bleached. The Los Angeles band, comprised of sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin, make the type of “stripped-down”,  “sun-kissed” jams that are versatile enough, cultural-receptor-wise, to soundtrack either the shittiest teen girl film or best day at the beach with a crush you can imagine. I’ll probably never actually experience either one of those things again, so the song will have to do, vis a vis musical-brain-displacement science. This track “Next Stop” is off their upcoming debut Ride Your Heart.

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