L3MON’s ‘One More Time’ Is the Sexiest, and Weirdest Video of the Week


L3MON’s ‘One More Time’ Is the Sexiest, and Weirdest Video of the Week


Sex is closely intertwined with death, as anyone who’s taken a basic psychology class can tell you. The parts they skipped over, and maybe I just wasn’t paying attention, is where puking up roses, making out with a lighter and a knife, dancing provocatively with a shot gun, and drowning yourself in white paint to the point that you turn into a statue come into play. That’s what you’re in store for with this brooding, romantic track from Toronto’s L3Mon.


We asked director Matt Adam to explain a little more about the method behind the madness.

“The video is purely conceptual. The overarching message is ‘Don’t let pop culture kill you.’ The model, a product of pop culture, is struggling with who she has become. The choices she made trying to set herself apart—the Louboutins, the breast augmentation, the fur coat—have had the opposite effect and turned her into everybody else. She lost herself, but now she’s fighting back. The lipstick is a metaphor for her bad habits; the wrong guy, the wrong drugs, the wrong exterior. Empowered, she chooses to cut and burn the lipstick to defy typical beauty standards – which is why her nails and lips are not done. The white paint is a metaphor for her renwewed sense of purity. She turns into a statue because the purity lives forever. This turning point represents the end of her choices, and ultimately the death of pop culture.”


Also, the model, Cass Flamini, is really hot. Is that a metaphor? Sorry, sorry, Adam explained more:


“The lyrics in the song reflect the same indulgent but destructive decisions. Whether it is the addiction to drugs, the addiction to love, or the addiction to lipstick, these behaviors have led to a breaking point, and she has one last chance to get it right. She can only hold on one more time.”